The Elderflowers

Planting of Platform 1 – April 2018

The great majority of Elderflowers are also members of Attenborough Garden Club, all are volunteers and, at present the age range is 60-80 years old. They are official East Midlands Rail adopters of Attenborough Station.

In less than two years since April 2018 the volunteers, with help of funding and donations from National Lottery, Nottinghamshire County Council, Tesco’s and local residents, commuters, Councillors and businesses , have greened both platforms with a fabulous display of planters and plants. All the planters in Phase 1, the greening of Platform 1 in April  2018, were built by volunteers mostly from recycled materials and donated plants. Phase 2, the greening of Platform 2 in October 2018, was based on what we’d learnt from Phase 1 e.g. improved plants and planters. East Midlands Trains’ Kate Parnell and Donna Adams have provided essential support throughout.

There is great benefit in ‘greening’ public areas – the RHS says ‘Greening Grey Britain’ aims to ‘provide an air conditioning system for our cities, ease stress, encourage exercise and support wildlife’.

Feedback from Station users has been encouraging and rewarding, especially as it’s not been easy to maintain the planters with the two hot summers we’ve had. However nearly 20 volunteers have worked together in ensuring watering has been successful by transporting water from home in shopping trollies, waterproof bags and milk bottles. So successful that over two years each platform has separately been awarded a national silver award by the Association of Community Rail Partnership’s. The latest was only announced in August 2019!

Silver Award 2018

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